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Ship Tattoos

Ship tattoos are mainly worn by men, women do not sport such a tattoo. Ship tattoo designs may be portrayed with a variety of different elements and symbols. Ship tattoo designs could be designed with pirates, swords, ship wheels, stars, and the compass. Although ship tattoos can be made in various sizes, due to shading and detail, ship tattoo designs are mainly tattooed as a larger sized tattoo. Ship tattoos are not considered to be a main stream tattoo, but they are always popular among coastal areas. Ship tattoos are very popular tattoo among sailors, fishermen, and every other person associated to the open waters since the 1930s and 1940s. Ship tattoos are some of the most colorful and meaningful tattoos on the market. Ship tattoos come in several different variations and designs.
In modern times, the ship tattoo is worn by both men and women. In the past, this wasn’t the case. Ship tattoos were commonly tattooed on men who commonly sailed the oceans, such as sailors. Sailors commonly sported ship tattoos, such as Navy vessels. Back then, it was common for these sailors to have their tour ship tattooed on them. Ship tattoos began to gain popularity after World War II in Western culture. Men and women that have no association to the waters do choose ship tattoos. They may wear the ship tattoo for symbolic purposes or for decorative body art. When done correctly, ship tattoos are absolutely stunning. For sailors and fishermen, the ship tattoo reprents their way of life, their way of being. They depend on the oceans to survive and take care of their families. In some sense, the ship tattoo is a symbol of them.

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