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Sacred Heart Tattoos

Heart tattoos can represent a multitude of things. In a religious sense a heart tattoo is usually the Christian symbol of a sacred heart. A sacred heart tattoo means devotion to the Divine Heart of Christ insofar as His Heart represents and recalls His love for us. The other meaning of the sacred heart is true love, compassion or courage.

Sacred Heart Tattoos (3)

As this is a religious design that has Roman Catholic origins and represent the physical heart of Jeasus Christ and his divine love for us. The sacred heart tattoo usually has flames around it and incorporates the crown of thorns and wounds to represent Christ’s death on the cross. If you want a tattoo that represents your faith, then the sacred heart tattoo design is a great way to do that.
Choosing the sacred heart for your tattoo also involves some decision making. For example do you want a colored sacred heart tattoo or a monochrome sacred heart tattoo. In many traditional depictions the sacred heart is multicolored or at least primarily red. If you choose to color your tattoo you will need to consider two factors, the cost and the pain. Sacret heart tattoos can be inked according to the wearer choice but here giving some idea which can help you to to decide a suitable place like on the shoulder, arm, upper back body, forearms, upper and lower parts of the leg, chest and also on the neck.

Sacred Heart Tattoos (1) Sacred Heart Tattoos (1) Sacred Heart Tattoos (2) Sacred Heart Tattoos (3)
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