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New Zealand Tattoos


Tattooing was brought to New Zealand from Polynesia by the Maori tribes and the dostinct kind of tattoo known as moko is the quite popular in recent years. Some tattoo artists have incorporated traditional Maori designs and concepts in their own New Zealand tattoo artwork. In the start of tattooing in New Zealand the process of tattooing was very long and painful but these tattoos are unique in appearance because the process calls for craving the skin, leaving it with grooves after healing. In the modern age in New Zealand the tattoo styles are Maori tattoos or we can say they look like them.In New Zealand the tattoo art is getting more populer in the youngsters and the famles are taking more interest rather than males. New Zealand also called Kiwi have such an affinity for tattoos since they see it as expression of patriotism as well as personal and cultural identity. There is another reason for the popularity of New Zealand tattoo is the ethic group. Some areas generally don’t mind tattooed individuals, but some are wary and even fearful of them; often associating tattoos with gangs and other criminal activity. Despite the mixed reception, tattooing still proves to be very popular in New Zealand.
New Zealand tattoo can provide you a wide selection of designs that are not only limited to the Maori inspired tribal arts and can also extend to the other tattoo designs.

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