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Metalmen Design Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoos are not only symbol of death it is also symbol eternity, repentance and human vanity. It is also a symbol of immortality and knowledge. Skull tattoos are also means knowledge of surviving death. Skull tattoos are giving message to his enemy that they will defeat their enemy in the battle. They have no fear of death.


They know everyone has to die one day they will live the life without any fear. Whatever they want to do they can do no one can stop them to fulfill their desire. In Buddhism and Hinduism skulls are seen in their heritage. In Buddhism their God “The lord of death” name Yama he has five skulls around with his head which means:

  1. Greed
  2. Pride
  3. Anger
  4. Ignorance
  5. Fear

And in Hinduism their Goddess of death named “Kali Mata” which they worship most wears a necklace of skulls.

In these days skull tattoos are most popular and demanding tattoos. These skull tattoos are so much popular that they are now the part of western culture. You can watch them in movies, magazines, comics, and literature. But here we are talking about Metal man skull tattoos are seen in tea shirts too. They have many designs. I have collected some exciting metal man skull tattoos for you. These designs are amazing I hope you will like them. Please tell as in comments if you like these amazing designs.

Metalmen-Design-Skull-Tattoo-1 Metalmen-Design-Skull-Tattoo-2 Metalmen-Design-Skull-Tattoo-3 Metalmen-Design-Skull-Tattoo-4
Metalmen-Design-Skull-Tattoo-5 Metalmen-Design-Skull-Tattoo-6 Metalmen-Design-Skull-Tattoo-7 Metalmen-Design-Skull-Tattoo-8

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