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Gangster Tattoos

Gangster Tattoos are most commonly used amoung the gangsters to show their own gand membership. These gangsters also make tattoos to make the record and their personal history. Gangsters also make tattoos to make his or her skills, specialties, accomplishments and convictions.


Most of the gangsters develop recognized coded meanings according to their gang membership and the code system of the specific gang which can be very complex and very difficult to encode to keep their secrets away from wide recognition. Gangsters also make the tattoos which are related to their relatives or the gang members of their loved ones. Gangsters mostly use the symbols and codes which makes their recognition with the specific gang and the specific tattoo also shows the rank of the gangster in his or her gang.In different countries different gangsters use the tattoo symbols to show their identity like tattoos of three dots on the hand means death to cops, single dot on cheek means the wearer is a pimp and have a relation with a gang and a stick finger holding a trident is also a common French prison tattoo. In Russia, the criminal gangsters have a complex system of different symbols which can give quite detailed information about the gangster. The tattoo also show the status of the gangster in his or her gang and the tattoo can be removed in the case of loss of rank and other changes. Tattoos on the forehead are sometimes forcibly applied, and designed both to humiliate the bearer and warn others about him or her.

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