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Foot Tattoo Designs

Foot Tattoo are very popular among the girls these days and the girls want to have a foot tattoo for its artistic value or to enhance beauty. There are different parts of the body where you can put on your tattoo but for most of the women it is very cute to look at the tattoo on their foot. To look beautiful and different from others most of the women would like to have their foot decorated with beautiful foot tattoos. Foot could be the excellent spot for ladies but it could be very painful as the human feet have low fats but looking different from others they tolerate the discomfort and have them on their foot.

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The size of the tattoo matters a lot as many of the women like small tattoos but there are many who like the large tattoos. There are lots of many different tattoos which can be inked on the foot like butterfly, stars, symbol, flower, cartoon or anklets with feather. Girls also like to ink different names of their pets or different quote. Foot tattoo can be ink on the different parts of the foot like upper part of the foot, side of foot or on the ankle with the hosiery with feather. There is also a great and different foot tattoo which is wing tattoo that can be inked on the upper part or on the back side of the foot. Many small tattoos can be inked on the fingers of the foot like small birds, stars, hearts or small flowers.

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