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Egyptian Tattoos

Egyptian Tattoos make for the great tattoos as they were started over 4000 years ago but in those days they were exclusively adorned on women only according to their own history. Most of the Egyptian Tattoos are based on symbols but the others decide to comibine these tattoos with many other tattoos. The Egyptian Tattoo symbols are gender specific.


Tutankhamun’s mask is a popular tattoo. Perhaps most popular is a large version of what some people call the “Egyptian Eye Tattoo” as this is the Eye of Ra. Ra is the sun god and the the eye symbolise all seeing nature which is watching all over.If you decide to go for a symbol tattoo, be sure to check the accuracy of your symbols across several different sources. In particular, if you create “words” from several symbols, try to find out if it makes “grammatical sense”. Having said that, you may not care especially for authenticity (most people don’t) and only concern yourself with the final look of the tattoo.

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