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Dolphin Tribal Tattoos

Dolphin tattoo designs have become quite popular, and they are a great choice for tattoos. You can have dolphins on almost any body part, and they can be used in many different types of tattoo art, whether, Celtic, tribal or something unique of your own choosing.

Dolphins are considered magical animals in many ancient cultures. They are often referred to in Greek mythology, where they are shown carrying the love goddess Aphrodite, or accompanying the sea god Poseidon. Other cultures, from the Celts to the Pacific Islanders have seen beauty, magic and power in these playful creatures.

Dolphins have different meanings, depending on which culture you ask. To the Celtic people, a dolphin symbolizes rejuvenation, and to the Native Americans they symbolizes kindness. To the Chinese, a pair of dolphins means harmony. Also many people see them as a symbol of good luck, and decide to get their good luck charm tattooed on their skin.

Dolphin tattoos have began to surge in popularity in the last few years, and have become extremely popular tattoos for women and men. Women like them because the dolphin is seen as a carefree, playful, friendly, and peaceful animal. Some men such as surfers like them because they are a widely recognized symbol of the ocean. Another reason that dolphin tattoos are popular is because they fit almost anywhere on the body. They make great designs to incorporate into a half sleeve tattoo, full sleeve tattoo, or you could even have dolphins racing their way across your chest or back. They are being formed into lower back tattoos that are getting extremely popular, both replacing the tribal tattoos, and being mixed into a tribal dolphin tattoos.


Today, much more is known about dolphins and they are recognized as one of the most intelligent of species. They even possess their own language. Many people now go on swim with dolphin programs, or go on cruises in the hope of seeing them. As tattoos, dolphins can represent many different things. They can represent the spirit of play, creativity and freedom. Or they can be a totem or protective animal spirit, if that’s something you resonate with.

One popular type of tattoo is a Celtic design with two dolphins circling each other. The two-dolphin motif doesn’t have to be Celtic; in any case, this can be a kind of yin-yang symbol, representing two principles such as male and female. Of course, dolphins also represent the element that they inhabit, water. So people born under water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) might be especially drawn to dolphins.

Since dolphins are also revered by the Maori and other Pacific peoples, they can also be incorporated into tribal tattoos of this type. A tribal type dolphin will, of course, look very different from a more modern interpretation, as tribal tattoos have distinctive, sharp lines and might be considered more impressionistic than realistic. It’s all a question of what you prefer.

You can place dolphin tattoos on your arms, back, stomach or legs. It’s the kind of tattoo symbol that can be done in just about any color, size or style. One reason that they make such great tattoos is that they can be shown leaping out of water, as they do in real life. So, like a bird in flight, the depiction of a dolphin can convey movement. This gives your tattoo a dynamic look.

Whether you appreciate the symbolism of dolphins or are just drawn to them as beautiful creatures, dolphin tattoo designs can be a great way to adorn your body.

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