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Japanese Tattoo Symbols

There is something that is so uniquely mysterious about the Japanese culture that it has somehow both mystified as well as inspired the Western World today. From the rich history of the samurai warriors and the daimyos to the life under shoguns, the colorful culture of the Japanese is so far away from that of ours that it has the …

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Japanese Wave Tattoos

When it comes to life, nothing could live without water. Every living animal, human, and plant need water to survive and live. As humans, our bodies are made up of water. In the tattoo world, water can be very symbolic. In this article, you will learn what tattoo symbols are associated to water and what water tattoos can represent.   …

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Japenese Fu Dog And Lion Tattoos

Foo Dogs (Fu Dogs, Foo Lions, Guardian Lions, or Komainu) are the guardians of Buddhist Asian temples. These ancient sacred dogs are usually placed to the left and to the right of a temple entrance.   Many Chinese restaurants have placed Foo Dogs outside their restaurant doors and they are meant to protect the owner and their family. The meaning …

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